Monday, August 11, 2008


A couple of thoughts:

1. I posted the previous video at the request of someone who knew Dan, loved Dan, and wanted to see Dan being Dan.

2. I know what was in my heart when I posted the comments at the conclusion of the previous post. The funny thing is, I wasn't thinking anything badly about Dan. I completely missed that my thoughts might be construed as anything other than a comment about the humorous human condition we call "life."

3. Dan knows what was in my heart, I suspect, as well. I'm guessing he got a pretty good chuckle. Probably still is as he sees me twist on this one.

4. Nevertheless, one found my comments to be in "bad taste." Another felt I was looking out the window rather than in the mirror (seems I've heard that before).

Consequently, I removed the post and the accompanying video. (I'll have to email you the clip, Dave).

I think I will take a few days away from Frankly Speaking to contemplate where I am at emotionally and spiritually. If my critics are right (and I respect their judgement enough to consider seriously that they may be), then perhaps I need to get my head in a better place before resuming the blog.