Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chuck Norris . . . kicking gas and taking names

My sons have started this thing recently with Chuck Norris jokes. You know the sort: "Chuck Norris is so tough that he lost his virginity before his father did." They've got dozens of gems like that.

In a recent commentary, however, Chuck is making a lot of sense about the failed energy policy of Washington insiders. I ask every Frankly Speaking reader to take a look at his article and then sign the online petition at American Solutions. As usual, the American people have more sense than the morons we elect to government.

Note to congress: "That's why it's called common sense and not elite sense."


Anonymous said...

Hey Frank--

I've been reading your blog after attending a service at your church. My wife and I have been exploring places where we can make expanded contacts in the Kingdom. Friends recommended South Lansing Christian Church.

When we attended I was impressed by the friendliness of your greeters and others attending. We really liked your message on identity. It was like "wow" we need to come back here again.

Then I read your most recent blog post. I'm not impressed. Your comments show a lack of maturity, a lack of obedience to Christ's commands and a lack of knowledge about our government and people elected to serve us.

What about Matthew and Zacheus? Were they morons too?

If my wife and I attend again, should I not share that I spent my life working for the people you call "morons" .

My lifetime spent around folks elected to political office at both the state and national level is that they reflect the people they represent. So, if you call them a "moron", does that make you a moron too?

Name calling: Where in the Word does God give us the okay to call people insulting names that put down their mental capacity?

Do you really understand energy policy? I bet not.

Now if we do come to your service on Sunday, do you have a section for morons? People who have worked in and around politics.

Perhaps this is a new evangelism strategy.

You owe a large group of people an apology.

Frank Weller said...

Hey Wes -

You're right, buddy. I am a moron sometimes. Sometimes my mouth kicks into gear before my brain clutches. I had just paid $55 to fill my car up before I sat down and read the Norris commentary, so I was a little frustrated.

I have plenty of friends over the years who have worked in government service, and done so admirably. I should have been more specific with my comments, and should have found a more descriptive way to describe the actions of the politicians that I believe have failed us in terms of our nation's energy policy rather than tossing out a general "moron" tag.

Please accept my apology and, if you're inclined, introduce yourself to me Sunday morning so I can make it in person and become more acquainted with your story.

I may shoot off my mouth a little too quickly, but I think that anyone who takes the time to get to know me will tell you that I'm not hard headed, and that I am open to learning and change.

And, I would welcome your frank and honest tutorial about our nation's energy policy.