Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesday's ramblings

Bird sightings. . .
Saw the first Robin of 2008 today. There were five of them, actually, golden breasted beauties munching on the shelled corn I tossed out for the deer. Some time this afternoon the birds will have to compete with the five doe that come every day for their afternoon snack. There is something about a Robin sighting that makes me hopeful, that gives me the endurance I need to weather the final few weeks of winter. Maranatherma . . . come heat, come.

Babe sightings . . .
On the way to work this morning, while sitting at the corner of Pennsylvania and Miller, I looked over to see an older African-American woman fretting about her appearance. She turned her head this way and that, looking in the mirror. I wondered: is it her hair that concerns her? Is she worried about her wrinkles? She frowned as she peered into the mirror. So I tooted my horn and, when she turned my way, I smiled and gave her a thumbs up. She beamed. I hope my small gesture made her day a little brighter. I know it did mine.

Butter sightings (peanut butter, that is) . . .
Stopped by the South Cedar Kroger this morning and placed my peanut butter order for Sunday. The manager was slack-jawed. Between the folks who sent money in response to the Lansing State Journal article, and the generous post-service giving of the Southies, I collected over $600 this week. Oh, and there was another generous donor who chipped in. To find out how much you'll have to be here Sunday.

All said, this is starting off to be a very good week. Hope yours is, too.

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