Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shawty got lo, lo, lo, lo, lo, lo, lo

So the other night I'm driving home with the three little Franklies and two of their friends when Flo Rida comes on the radio with his big hit, "Lo". The car busted out into song (or something resembling song) as we rocked (literally) down I-96 toward the Weller homestead.

I've got to admit, I loved the beat. ". . . apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur (with the fur). . ." The chorus of the tune is infectious. It was also the only part of the lyrics that I could understand.

So I went all Don Wildmon and decided to Google the lyrics. Turns out the chorus isn't the only part of the song that is infectious.

I discovered the song is all about Flo Rida's (whose real name is ???) visit to a strip club and the pole dancer he ogled there. Nice. Just the sort of stuff you want your kid hearing on Pastor Weller's radio.

I printed the lyrics out and will be giving them to my kids tonight. I suspect they don't really even know what the lyrics are. When I was their age, I can assure you that I didn't know the lyrics of a lot of the songs I listened to.

I distinctly recall a guy named Al Menconi coming to our church camp when I was a kid and talking about the lyrics of the groups I grew up with. He would get us all lathered up about VanHalen and Air Supply. Al's still around. In fact, I read on his website recently that 50% of all popular songs give a favorable view of alcohol and/or drugs. Nothing has changed. In fact, we may be worse off.

What, may I ask, faithful Frankly readers, is your policy toward the music and media your children consume?


Soren said...

Frank, I wasn't familiar with the artist you were talking about. When I read about the "Top 10" albums/songs, I hardly recognize any of them. When did I get so OLD?

We try to monitor what our kids listen to (no MTV, etc.), but we are not hardcore about it. Like you, we talk to them about lyrics, lifestyles, etc. And we try to expose them to healthy alternatives. Contemporary Christian music has come a looooong way since the early 80's, eh?

Speaking of songs...what's with the NO RESPONSE to my "Love Boat theme" on your post about your cruise?

Anonymous said...

Did you just admit to listening to Air Supply. I'm all outa love.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha...Glad You Like The Song Frank. It's Great..and Who Cares Bout the Lyrics..Half the Time I don't Know What Their Saying, I Just Like the Beat! Ha Ha!

-Becca Graham