Monday, November 26, 2007

Politically Correct Coffee

When I moved to Michigan a few months back I discovered Beaner's, the Wolverine state's version of Starbucks. They have great coffee (or so I'm told) tasty pastry and good smoothies. They also have free Wi-Fi - something we came to depend on when our Comcast was down (which was about all the time, by the way).

Recently Beaner's announced their intention to rename the chain. The new moniker: Biggby Coffee. Apparently "beaner" is a racial slur aimed at Hispanic folks. I never knew that. Neither did the coffee sellers prior to their growth into the souther US. They know it now.

Do we sometimes go too far with the whole race thing? As a "majority" I guess I don't have an adequate frame of reference to really make that determination.

Still, I have to wonder, along with our intern Josh who pointed it out to me, shouldn't I be offended that they named my favorite breakfast place "Cracker Barrel?"


Amanda at Double Stitching said...

I can't even tell you how long I laughed about the "Cracker Barrel" comment.

Good to see your blog - seems like all is going well in Michigan! Things are plugging along here as well. Michael is working on his music production business and it is slowly getting off the ground! Say hi to your family for us!

Anonymous said...

To be really politically correct, we really shouldn't say "Wolverine" state because that is definitely a derogatory term up here in "Spartan Country"

Blue Mark said...

So is the name Starbucks insulting to black men?