Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shades of Birmingham?

I wish I knew more about a story from the Shreveport Times detailing how a white school bus driver segregated his students, requiring the African-Americans to ride in the back of the bus. According to the story, the driver forced the black students to sit in the back, giving up their front-of-the-bus seats to the white kids.

Here is why I want to know more. I drive a school bus. In my experience, as I suspect is the case of every bus driver, riding in the back of the bus is highly desired by the students. When I pull up to the bus stop, the kids jostle and shove so the can be the first to race on the bus and to the back seat.

Maybe Jim Crow is driving bus in Louisiana, but maybe there is something more going on than the media is reporting.

Just wondering.

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